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Energy Storage: Implications, trends, uses and factors of change.

One of Wealth Talks’ many aims is to bring Santander Private Banking clients today’s most trending topics — and efficient energy storage, an essential part of the energy transition, is one of them. In this Wealth Talk, we delve into the role energy storage is playing to accelerate the energy transition and aid the fight against climate change.

The electric power industry is immersed in a revolutionary transition, spurred by technology, politics and market factors. A key strategy for decarbonizing electric power is sourcing more of it from wind and solar power instead of fossil fuels. Energy storage has a major role in balancing the growth of electric systems, given the seasonal variations in wind and solar power generation as well as the major advances expected to make energy accumulation systems more efficient.

This Wealth Talk is made possible by the collaboration between Santander Private Banking and Santander X, a global initiative by Santander Universities to promote innovation that will increase.

Dharik Mallapragada is principal research scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative. Chemical engineer with expertise in a range of energy technologies, interested in addressing fundamental engineering, market and policy barriers to achieving energy sustainability and universal energy access.

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Dharik Mallapragada