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Our vision

As part of Santander Group, one of the leading banks in the world, Santander Private Banking aims to be the best global platform for wealth management, by acting responsibly and earning the lasting loyalty of our clients and their families.

Beyond Private Banking

With more than 160 years of experience, our business combines the benefits of being part of a strong international financial group, with a service model focused on building personal relationships with our clients and their families, providing them dedicated service and advice.

Our strong presence across ten main markets gives us a deep knowledge of Europe and Latin America, connecting both continents under a global platform that makes the most of our international presence. We have developed a “multi-local” approach that allows customers to access local banking services from our leading banks in any of our markets, while also providing global connections where needed. 

The way we can help you

Our priority is to understand your unique ambitions and define a strategy to deliver added value for today and for future generations. Whether in investment, lending, transaction banking or corporate operations, our specialists are ready to create opportunities all around the world, to help you manage, preserve and grow your wealth.

At Santander we believe everything we do should be simple, personal and fair. This is how we do business. We are committed to excellence, both in the results we achieve, and in the way we achieve them.

Banco Santander

Santander Group operates in ten main markets and is one of the largest and most diverse international banking groups in the world. It has a sustainable and predictable growth model thanks to its balanced presence across both developing and mature markets.

Its purpose is to help people and businesses prosper.

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