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Decarbonising the food chain: Produce, protect, reduce and restore.

One of the objectives of the Wealth Talks is to provide Santander Private Banking clients with insights into topical issues. On this occasion we analyse the challenges of how to manage natural resources sustainably while reducing the impact of the food chain on climate change. Society and governments are beginning to understand the challenge of implementing an energy transition, but the challenge of contributing to sustainability from the perspective of food is less well known. There is an urgent need for investment in innovation to optimise the global use of scarce resources and meet the growing need to provide food for the global population.

The world faces the challenge of reducing emissions while avoiding deforestation through measures that are compatible with economic development and poverty reduction. Our guest is Timothy Searchinger, Senior Research Scholar, Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment at Princeton University. His current work combines ecology, agronomy and economics to analyse the challenge of how to feed a growing world population while reducing the environmental consequences of agriculture, particularly land use change, greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen pollution.

This talk is an outcome of the partnership between Santander X, the Santander Universities global initiative to promote innovation as a lever for improving productivity, employment and economic growth, and Santander Private Banking.

Thimothy Searchinger is a Senior Research Scholar at Princeton University's Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment and a Senior Fellow at the World Resources Foundation.

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Dharik Mallapragada