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In the fight against Covid-19, is there an adequate balance between health and the economy? by Dr. David L. Katz

Dr. David L. Katz, a leading expert in preventive medicine and public health, will answer these and other questions through the explanation of his theory of "Minimizing Total Harm", recently presented before the United States Senate. In his theory, Katz advocates the application of a strategy designed to minimize the direct damage caused by the pandemic, while reducing the effects of the economic slowdown caused by confinement.

David L. Katz is a prestigious specialist in preventive medicine and public health, whose professional goal has always been "to add years to life and life to years". Internationally recognized for his expertise in chronic disease prevention and his knowledge of nutrition, he is director and founder (1998-2019) of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center at Yale University and president of the True Health Initiative.

Dr. David L. Katz
Board Certified Preventive Medicine Specialist, President of True Health Initiative

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