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Carlos Sainz, Scuderia Ferrari driver: life at 300 km/h

In this exclusive interview for our clients, Carlos Sainz, one of Spain's most successful sportsmen and a Santander Private Banking ambassador, talks about his life, his challenges and achievements, and how he sees the future, in personal and professional terms. Víctor Matarranz, Global Head of Santander Wealth Management & Insurance, discusses these and many other topics with the Scuderia Ferrari driver.

Carlos Sainz Vázquez de Castro was born in Madrid on 1 September 1994. With a family involved in motor racing, he began to show an interest in motorsports at a very early age. He made his F1 debut in 2015 and has had a successful career to date, but he still has a long way to go. He has contested 184 races in 4 different teams, achieved 18 podiums and culminated this season with two pole positions, two podiums and victory at the Singapore GP. Carlos has spent nine seasons in the 'great circus' — quite a feat!

Carlos Sainz - Scuderia Ferrari driver