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Ukraine: special event

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is putting considerable strain on the world order and its consequences — in terms of geopolitics, energy and even migration — have yet to play out. As the world tightens sanctions on Russia, we are witnessing accelerating inflation and an increase in volatility and uncertainty that may impact growth projections.

Investors face a plethora of questions: How will the central banks react? Can the financial system absorb the impact of exposure to these markets? What deceleration and inflation scenarios are most likely?

We have invited the global heads of Investment at Santander Private Banking (Juan de Dios Sánchez-Roselly) and Santander Asset Management (Jose Mazoy) to analyse these questions and discuss the current economic and market scenario in depth.


Juan de Dios Sánchez-Roselly, CFA is Global Chief Investment Officer at Santander Private Banking.


José Mazoy
is Global Chief Investment Officer at Santander Asset Management.

Juan de Dios Sánchez-Roselly






José Mazoy Santander Asset Management