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Discover our 5 online security tips

For Santander Private Banking, the security of our clients is a priority, that is why we provide 5 recommendations to help you be safe online and prosper in a digital world.



Protect your information and equipment 

Want to keep your devices secure? Choose automatic software updates and always download apps from an official store. Need to pay or provide details online? Make sure the website starts with HTTPS (vs. http) as they are usually more secure.


Be discreet online and in public

We all know we shouldn’t share private information with strangers on the street. The same applies on social media, on the phone or in the business environment. Always make sure who you are sharing that piece of information with, is someone you trust.


Think before you click or reply 

An offer that is hard to refuse, pressuring emails, an urgent request – all of these could be phishing messages. Whether it’s an email, SMS or instant message, take your time and verify the information before you click or replay.

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Keep your passwords safe

With so many accounts it’s hard to keep track of your passwords. Don’t write them down, use a password manager. And when signing up to a new service, try a passphrase - passwords made of 3 or more words – which are easier to remember and harder to crack. For an extra layer of security, activate multi-factor authentication (MFA), whenever it's possible.


If you suspect it, report it

Not sure about a message, call or email you've received? Report it. Contact the company or person through a trusted channel (never use the contact details provided in the communication) and let them know. If it’s related to your bank account, please contact your personal banker right away.