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Rafa Nadal

"The King of Clay", as he is sometimes known, has won 22 individual tennis Grand Slam titles, 35 ATP Tour Masters 1000 series titles, 20 ATP Tour 500 titles and the 2008 individual Olympic gold medal; unquestionably record figures. But, above all, Rafa has won our hearts. His humility, perseverance and extraordinary resolve have made Rafa a role model for generations of people worldwide.

Our collaboration with Rafa goes beyond his tennis career. For many years now, Rafa has been placing his trust in Santander Private Banking, and he knows we are the bank that can offer him the products and services he needs, now and in the future, to back his professional projects and broaden his legacy.

The importance of attitude

Rafa Nadal is known worldwide for his attitude: his resilience and hard work are an example for entire generations. It is important for him to tackle adversity with a positive approach, but also with hard work: “You can't let setbacks get to you […] I think focusing on having an optimistic outlook really helps you to overcome tough times. Of course, you've also got to work hard, with dedication, passion and commitment.”

Success: the reward for work

As for the formula for his own success, he says “Everyone must find their own path and whatever works for them to perform as best they can”.

The team is paramount

According to Rafa Nadal, he would never have achieved the same heights in his career without the support of his family, the professional team around him, his friends, and, of course, his own high standards and self-criticism. These values, among others, have taken him to the summit of world tennis, where he has remained for over a decade alongside an unprecedented generation of talent—Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. According to Rafa, this is because they have continued to be thrilled by and passionate about what they do.

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