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Private Wealth

Private Wealth is our most exclusive service for ultra-high-net-worth clients who entrust us with over €20mn of their wealth. As a Private Wealth client, you have an exclusive and dedicated team of expert bankers in Europe and the Americas at your disposal, together with a highly skilled team of global specialists in products and services that ensure your global needs are being addressed:

  • Investment solutions: bespoke products that suit your investment profile optimising risk/return ratios.
  • Alternative investments: diversifying in real assets with low-correlated returns provided by top quality managers.
  • Financing solutions: providing the best options at both personal and corporate levels.
  • Wealth Planning: to help you organise and protect your legacy.
  • Corporate Finance: giving access to Santander Group’s corporate products and services.
  • Value Added Services: to support you with your non-financial interests.
  • Multi-family office: designed to offer our clients family office style services. Based in Switzerland, we provide families with tailor-made interdisciplinary services such as consolidated reporting, analysis and performance measurement of investment portfolios held in different banks, implementation of a global investment strategy, next-generation succession planning and family governance.

Taking your wealth beyond

A unique approach to ensure you achieve your goals at every stage of life


  • One of a kind relationship model

  • Global clients, global coverage

  • Access to value added products and services

  • At the forefront of technological innovation

Masttro Wealth Technology