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Real Estate

An exclusive real estate advisory service for our clients

We understand that your journey in real estate is an expression of your individuality and financial vision. Our Santander Private Banking Advisory service, SPREA, made of a team of 15 seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the real estate sector, is dedicated to curating investment opportunities that align seamlessly with your unique needs, ultimately maximizing the value of your property portfolio.

Discover the compelling advantages of investing in real estate and explore the diverse range of opportunities available through our distinctive services.

Why invest in real estate

Investing in real estate offers Santander Private Banking clients a shield against high inflation and a means to diversify their investment portfolios. In addition, the real estate sector has the potential to yield higher returns than conventional bank deposits and 10-year bonds.

What we offer

We guide clients through every step of the real estate transaction process with specialised advice. From opportunity selection to negotiation and closing, including property visits, document compilation and analysis, and due diligence coordination.

We have access to a wide range of assets: offices, commercial premises, logistics facilities, hotels, entire residential buildings, and more. Our portfolio contains over 600 opportunities, including exclusive off-market options.

Why you can find a unique opportunity

What sets us apart are our distinctive capabilities: the ability to originate off-market transactions from client sales mandates and, most importantly, to locate demand by leveraging the reach of our global and local private banking network.

Investment approach tailored to you

We offer various avenues through which Santander Private Banking clients can invest in real estate:

  • Direct investment: The direct purchase of the real estate asset for rental to earn a return, or for refurbishment and resale after the asset has appreciated in value.
  • Indirect investment (Co-investments): the purchase of property through a small group of investors, with one investor being a reputable manager who not only oversees the structure but also invests equity in the operation. This aligns the interests of investors and the manager.

Our services