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Financing solutions to suit your circumstances

We understand the importance of comprehensive financial solutions that align with your unique investment goals. Our commitment lies in providing you with access to a diverse range of tailored investments but also financing options. With a focus on your individual needs, we offer specialised services, including secured lending, structured finance and bespoke mortgages.

Whether you’re planning a dream home, imagining your own spot in the sun, or seeking support for personal or business projects, securing the right team who can consider your individual circumstances is invaluable.  

We believe that premium lending comes from getting a quick and convenient service to you. Private Bankers work with our Lending Specialists to support your needs at all times. 

How we serve you

Secured lending

Secured Lending consists of a loan or credit line backed by your assets. This approach is ideal for those seeking substantial financial support while benefiting from favourable terms.

With the Secured Lending Model, you will be able to obtain the most appropriate loan or credit line backed by your wealth. The amount of this loan will be calculated based on the lendable value of the assets provided as collateral.

Structured finance

Our expertise in Structured Finance is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing your import/export operations. Through strategic partnerships with Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), we offer comprehensive insurance coverage, enabling you to engage in global trade with unwavering confidence.

Our export finance solutions are tailored to your export operations, and our project finance offerings are designed to provide the necessary financial instrument for infrastructure and industrial projects.

Bespoke mortgages

We offer access to exclusive mortgage solutions that are crafted with precision. Our team takes pride in understanding your financial position and goals, enabling us to structure mortgages that perfectly align with your aspirations. From flexible terms to competitive rates, our bespoke mortgages are designed to provide you with the financial freedom you deserve.

As a global private bank, we can also offer international mortgages. Our global property specialists can help find and finance your new home. Planning your international mortgage with us gives you the advantage of using our local underwriting teams to achieve preferential terms and receiving expert advice about navigating red tape in other countries.

Our services