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Sustainable Investing

Sustainability is an increasingly important factor in investment decisions. It will become even more crucial in the future and it offers opportunities to diversify your portfolio while having a positive impact. We believe that long-term investment returns are linked to caring for the environment, social responsibility, and good governance.

Sustainability defines our future - Check out our video

Why Santander Private Banking?

Product offer

We offer a range of ESG financial products, including in-house and third-party mutual funds, ETFs, structured products, direct investments and alternative investments.

Specialised team

Since 2022, over 1,500 bankers and advisors have received certified ESG training. 

A global ESG team with a local presence.


2023 Euromoney Best Private bank for ESG and Impact investing in Chile

2023 Global Finance Best Private bank for sustainable investing in Latin America.

Proprietary methodology

Our advisory process is comprehensive and based on ESG1 factors. We analyse non-financial data to select securities and funds that match our clients' sustainability preferences and risk profile.

Our methodology considers the impact of ESG factors on investments as well as the ESG impact of investments in sustainability.

1. We currently offer comprehensive advice based on sustainability preferences in the EU.

ESG services

We offer ESG mandates that include performance information and integrate ESG analysis into customer reports using easy-to-understand metrics2 provided by Clarity:

CO2 production (tons), Waste produced (tons), Energy use (GJ), Women employed (% of women), Use of water (m3), Job creation.

2. Metrics available from Santander Private Banking International (BPI)