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Asset Classes

Our specialised investment team has carefully selected a broad range of investment solutions based on a detailed analysis of variables such as past performance, investment strategies, and risk management. Whether you prefer to invest in conventional assets such as fixed-income or equities, or in alternative investments, we are with you at every stage.

Alternative investment strategies

Explore a range of investment opportunities beyond conventional asset classes to enhance portfolio diversification.

These include both liquid and illiquid investment options, such as Private Equity, Private Debt, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Hedge Funds.

Structured products

Tailor-made solutions which offer a significant degree of flexibility and can be adapted to different risk profiles.

Fixed income, equities, and ETFs

Focused on your needs and committed to excellence, our financial professionals carefully construct portfolios that include fixed-income and equities to align your investment strategy with your goals and risk tolerance.

Mutual Funds

Our range includes mutual funds from Santander Asset Management and third parties, combining both active and passive strategies and including different asset classes such as equities and fixed-income, as well as balanced portfolios, in order to lend flexibility to your investment portfolio.