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Family Offices

We support families in designing, building and managing their family office

Family is the thread that binds us. Like individuals, each family is unique. The teachings handed down through generations serve as the loom upon which our values and convictions are woven, guiding our journey. We don’t get to choose our family or the legacy it carries, but our actions hold the power to sculpt its destiny.

Why a Family Office could be right for you

Our specialised Family Office service, recently recognised as the World's Best by Global Finance magazine, guides you in managing your wealth and looking after your most important asset, your family. Depending on the complexity of your wealth, it is important to know whether a family office is right for you and, if so, what level of services you need. We are here to provide you with the information, guidance and family office services you need to achieve your goals.

Family Wealth Planning

Understanding family structure and goals, as well as the composition of assets. This will enable you to choose different ways of organising, protect and perpetuating assets.

Access our bespoke offering to help achieve your wealth goals

Family Financial Planning

Assisting families in adopting a comprehensive view of their assets, determining current status, envisioning future objectives, and collaboratively devising an action plan to achieve those goals.

Unique 360-degree approach

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions that ensure a distinctive experience with us. From financial investment with advisory, brokerage, discretionary management, and treasury services, to exclusive opportunities for direct investment in real estate, club deals, and more. Additionally, we provide business investment options such as private equity, debt, M&A, and leasing.

A complete range of capabilities

  • Open platform
    Freedom to maintain the assets in the preferred financial institutions.

  • Non-discretionary mandate
    Advisory model constructed collaboratively and tailored to meet each client's unique needs.

  • Efficient Asset Allocation
    Finely tuned recommendations based on our in-depth understanding of our clients and their needs and goals.

  • Centralized contact
    Dedicated banker andadvisor to centralise requests, supported by a team of seasoned analysts.

Our clients