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ESG investment solutions

Our aim is to become the best global platform for wealth management, reflecting our commitment to inclusive sustainable growth in the way we invest.

Let's shape a better future together

We believe passionately that investment and wealth management can be a force for good in society and for the environment. Moreover, we believe sustainable investment is a matter of facts:

  • Only by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) inputs into our investment strategies can we fully understand the risks and opportunities of an asset.
  • We bring on board decades of successful investing expertise, multiplied by actionable data intelligence. We consider more than 50 data sources to embed ESG in our portfolio management and advice.
  • As ESG issues grow in importance for many, we have seen increasing interest and investment in our sustainable strategies. Underpinned by rigorous fund selection analysis, we offer a range of trustworthy, best-in-class products, enabling us to provide the right investment to meet your specific preferences, financial experience and risk appetite.


ESG advisory process

This process includes the treatment and analysis of non-financial data in order to provide an ESG scoring for securities and funds, which is then used to offer tailor-made ESG portfolio solutions.


We have developed our own methodology to analyze ESG data & produce ESG ratings, leveraging best-in-class' data providers.


We offer different ESG core financial products, including mutual and in house funds, ETFs and alternative investments.


ESG analysis & scorings are integrated into investment decisions, focusing on material ESG factors than can affect companies' financial performance.

  • All our bankers receive regular specialised training in ESG to be able to discuss our latest thinking and advise on this type of investment. We know that our ongoing commitment to delivering best practices centrally is important in order to provide the best service, as is our ability to share this knowledge. Let’s talk about what sustainable investing involves and the differences between ESG investment options. We are committed to helping you invest in accordance with your values.




By incorporating ESG criteria into portfolios, we help shape a better tomorrow, supporting businesses with a high probability of leading the economy in the coming years.





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