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Our team

Our leadership team is made up of banking industry experts. Working together worldwide, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for our clients.


  • victor-matarranz

    Víctor Matarranz

    Head of Wealth Management & Insurance


  • alfonso-castillo

    Alfonso Castillo

    Head of BPI & CEO of BSI

    Global, Miami-USA

  • adela-martin

    Adela Martín

    Head of Private Banking


  • vitor-ohtsuki

    Vitor Ohtsuki

    Head of Private Banking


  • antonio-costa

    Antonio Costa

    Head of Banco Santander International SA


  • guillermo-barreyra

    Guillermo Barreyra

    Head of Wealth Management & Private Banking


  • fernando-buendía

    Fernando Buendía

    Head of Private Wealth


  • james-dunne

    James Dunne

    Head of Wealth Management

    United Kingdom

  • ben-covey

    Ben Covey

    Head of Private Banking

    United Kingdom

  • james-pountney

    James Pountney

    Managing Director, Santander International

    Jersey & Isle of Man

  • lourenço-vieira-de-campos

    Lourenço Vieira de Campos

    Head of Private Banking


  • wojciech-sienczyk

    Wojciech Sienczyk

    Head of Wealth Management & Private Banking


  • fred-meller

    Fred Meller

    Head of Wealth Management & SCIB


  • marianne-smith

    Merianne Smith Z.

    Head of Private Banking


  • sergio-galván

    Sergio Galván

    Head of Private Banking