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ESG investment solutions

Our aim is to become the best responsible wealth manager in Europe and the Americas, reflecting our commitment to inclusive and sustainable growth in the way we invest.

ESG is increasingly mainstream and it does matter to our clients. Because they want to invest in accordance with their values, we have enhanced our ESG strategy, with over 3.5 billion in assets under administration. We offer trustworthy, best in class products, based on a rigorous funds selection analysis, considering our client’s insights, financial experience and risk appetite, to provide them with the right products.

To be able to offer the best service in this area, our bankers receive training in ESG so that they are equipped to advise our clients on this type of investment, explaining what sustainable investing involves and the differences within the ESG investing options.

Incorporating ESG criteria into portfolios means investing in the future, with the satisfaction of supporting businesses with a high probability of leading the economy in the coming years.